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Don’t be caught in the cold… or in the heat! Prairieville Air Conditioner Repair’s professional air conditioner repair specialists are ready to service your troubled unit today. Whether it’s your outside condenser, your furnace or your air handler, we have you covered. Servicing all major brands, makes and models, we are your trusted source for air conditioning repair, service and sales! 

We can repair and service any major brand. If it’s a problem that can’t be corrected, we offer full system replacement. We can remove and dispose of your old system for you and replace it with a new state of the art system that suits your climate needs as well as your budget. 

Don’t be left wishing you would have been proactive! Call us today for a free quote on your service and inspection! Be ready for the season to come. We have you taken care of!


Dependable, Reliable, Fast Service for all of your Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning needs!

AC Repair Services in Prairieville, LA

We service all types of air conditioning systems and all major brands including mini split systems, central air, heat pumps, and ductless systems. Regular maintenance can prevent most HVAC problems No matter who installed your air conditioner or what brand or model it is — our heating and air conditioning repair professionals can fix it! We guarantee your 100% satisfaction! That’s how confident we are in our air conditioner repair team. We offer the following types of AC repair services: Compressor repair, Refrigerant leak repair and recharge, Fan blade repair, Fan belt replacement, Blower motor replacement, Electrical repair, and more!

Expert Air Conditioner Repair Professionals

Prairieville Air Conditioner Repair is not new to the industry. We have been providing excellent service in residential heating, cooling, and indoor air quality to our customers for years. Our air conditioning professionals are certified, experienced in air conditioner repair and providing routine AC service maintenance. Our reputation and experience make us the premier choice in air conditioning contractors in the Prairieville area.

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What's Wrong With My AC?

Prairieville Air Conditioner Repair is the best AC repair company in the Prairieville and Baton Rouge area to call when your air conditioning isn’t working or isn’t working correctly. But before you give us a call, here are some of the most common reasons why you might schedule an AC repair:

Man loosening an AC unit to repair it in Prairieville, LA

Do You Have Power?

If the air conditioner isn’t turning on what you expect to, make sure it has power. Make sure there are no circuit breakers tripped. Check the thermostat, is it set to “cool.” If this basic troubleshooting doesn’t work, call Prairieville Air Conditioner Repair.

Is Airflow Restricted?

It’s very important to change your air filter. Airflow is critical to your air conditioner working properly. You might imagine trying to exercise while breathing through a straw… your body wouldn’t hold up too long under those conditions. Its the same with your AC. Changing your air filter should improve airflow immediately. If it doesn’t it would be best to have our professionals inspect your system. Duct cleaning may be an easy route to increase airflow without major replacements. This will also ensure a long healthy life for your system.

Is the Air just Lukewarm?

To diagnose this one you can start by setting the thermostat to “auto”. Make sure it’s set to “auto” instead of “on”. If lukewarm air is still coming from your vents, your unit’s refrigerant may be low due to a leak, or there is a chance that your compressor may have failed.

Strange Smells or Sounds?

It may be grating sounds or perhaps squealing. If you smell any pungent, moldy, or musty odors, don’t ignore them. These may be signs that there is a problem with your air conditioner.

If any of these issues sound familiar to you, contact our AC Repair specialists today and we will assess the problem a perform a hassle-free repair. We are punctual and don’t leave you waiting all day to get the work right. We are prompt and efficient. Prairieville AC Repair’s certified HVAC system professionals follow all local codes. You will be enjoying a smoothly performing HVAC system again in no time, with no worries.


Trust the Heating and Cooling Professionals at Prairieville Air Conditioner Repair

Our top priority is customer service. We diagnose the problem and explain your system and all of your options and prices before we perform your AC repair service. We’ll proceed with your repair service only when you have all the information you need. We will give you all of the time you need to ask questions, push back and make an informed decision. We can also supply a new high efficiency AC unit to replace your aging air conditioner if that’s the route you decide to take.

Our team of professionals are dedicated to exceeding your expectations every time we do business. We fully stock our service vehicles to that we limit trips for parts and consumables. Our goal is one call service completion. To the best of our ability, we would like to diagnose and complete your service on the same visit. Our highly trained staff has the tools and state of the art HVAC equipment to handle any air conditioning repair in Prairieville and surrounding areas.

Contact Prairieville Air Conditioning Repair so we can restore your home’s climate today.

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